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D204 location


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line
Related products
Model 204 V3.2 or earlier


LOCATION specifies the locally known name of a node (copy of Model 204) in a Parallel Query Option/204 (PQO) network

The LOCATION parameter is specific to PQO users. It is required for both clients and servers. The LOCATION value must be unique and from one to eight characters in length.

The LOCATION parameter is used internally, is displayed to identify client users when a service thread issues a LOGWHO command, and is used with BUMP SUBSYSTEM, MONITOR SUBSYSTEM, and STOP SUBSYSTEM to identify a service subsystem by its associated client.

The LOCATION parameter value does not have to match the value specified for any DEFINE FILE command LOCATION parameter or for any remote file specification (filename AT location).

LOCATION is viewable with VIEW, but it is not resettable.