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M204.0066  Minimum servType required for this user is bytes

This message displays the minimum size of the server, or as of version 7.6, the swappable or non-swappable above-the-bar server area required for this user. These are referenced, respectively, by the SERVSIZE, SERVGSZ, or SERVNSSZ parameters.

The minimum server size is determined by the user tables whose sizes are fixed at Model 204 initialization, along with the sizes of all variable length tables set in the user parameters, such as STBL and VTBL. These tables, and the formula for determining server size, are described in Sizing user server areas.

For more about the above-the-bar server areas, see Designating non-swappable and swappable server space.

Message attributes:

RETCODEO=0Sets online return code
RETCODEB=0Sets batch (single user) return code
CLASS=IInformation class; the message can be suppressed with the X'02' bit setting of the MSGCTL parameter
AUDITADWrites the message with line type AD to the audit trail
NOCOUNTDoes not increment the error count (ERCNT) parameter

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