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M204.2595  Passive socket for link token has been closed temporarily due to local resource shortage

The named link has reached its connection limit as specified by the CONNECTIONS parameter on the DEFINE LINK command. No new connection requests can be accepted until an existing connection is deallocated.

Response: If this message occurs frequently, contact your system manager.

System manager response: If this message occurs frequently, increase the number of CONNECTIONS specified on the relevant DEFINE LINK.

Message attributes:

RETCODEO=0Sets online return code
RETCODEB=0Sets batch (single user) return code
CLASS=IInformation class; the message can be suppressed with the X'02' bit setting of the MSGCTL parameter
AUDITRKWrites the message with line type RK to the audit trail
NOCOUNTDoes not increment the error count (ERCNT) parameter
NOTERMDoes not display the message on the user's terminal

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