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MQ/204 and IBM WebSphere MQ

MQ/204 is the Model 204 interface to an IBM WebSphere MQ-enabled application.

SOUL (User Language) extensions allow you to send and receive messages and process them using SOUL operators and data structures. In this way, synchronous program-to-program communications can be established between Model 204 and any other WebSphere MQ-enabled application running on the same (or different) CPU and using the same (or different) platform.

MQ/204 allows you to define and reference all WebSphere MQ objects using internal names, sparing SOUL programmers from knowing details of WebSphere MQ communications.

Simple and effective MQ/204 command and operator syntax resembles the WebSphere MQ mnemonics but frees you from internal details, so that minimal WebSphere MQ knowledge is required to program MQ/204-based application.

When MQ/204 defines a message queue or a queue manager, it is actually referring to a previously defined WebSphere MQ message queue or queue manager.

Using MQ/204, you can separate application programs so that the program sending a message can continue processing without waiting for a reply from the receiver. Messages are forwarded by WebSphere MQ agents, so that sending and receiving programs are completely independent from each other and may or may not be active at the same time.

For more overview information, see MQ/204 architecture and environment.

IBM WebSphere MQ documentation

Refer to the following IBM manuals for more information on WebSphere MQ:

  • WebSphere MQ Application Programming Guide (SC34-6064)
  • WebSphere MQ Application Programming Reference (SC34-6062)
  • WebSphere MQ for z/OS Messages and Codes V5.3.1 (SC34-6056)

To obtain additional information on WebSphere MQ or to download the WebSphere MQ manuals, access the IBM Web site:

MQ/204 topics

The MQ/204 documentation consists of the pages listed below. This list is also available as a "See also" link from each of the pages.