RecordLockType enumeration

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This enumeration is used to indicate the type of a record lock, most likely in a RecordLockingConflict object.

These are the valid values of this enumeration:

Record The lock is a single record lock. Such locks are associated with:
Recordset The lock is for a set of records. Such locks are associated with:
  • Recordset objects.
  • Find statements of all types.
PendingUpdate The lock is for a record in a TBO (transaction backout) file that has been updated, but for which the update has not been committed (or backed out) yet. To ensure that other users don't also update the same record (and so make backout impossible) or see the partially updated record, Model 204 locks updated records in exclusive mode until the update is committed or backed out.

Note: As with all enumerations, the ToString method implicitly converts an enumeration value to a character string whose value is the name of the enumeration value. For more information about methods available to all enumerations, see Common enumeration methods.