Release notes for Model 204 version 7.9 (Beta)

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THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! These release notes list the enhancements and other changes contained in Model 204 version 7.9, which is still in development. Until the commercial release of the software, Rocket reserves the right to add to, remove, or change anything described herein.


These release notes contain installation and features information for the Rocket Model 204 version 7.9 release. Before beginning your installation, please read through this information about product installation and changes.

New in this release

Operating system and hardware requirements

Operating system requirements

System Enhancements

Debugger enhancements

These enhancements apply to the Janus and TN3270 debuggers.

Performance enhancements

New products

New and changed messages

See New and updated messages in Model 204 version 7.9 for details.