SCHDOPT1 parameter

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Scheduler options


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line or reset by system manager.
Related products
MP/204 and M204 HPO
Model 204 V7.4


Allows an MP subtask to handle server swapping, if applicable.

SCHDOPT1 is useful when a zIIP processor is handling server swapping and needs help from an MP subtask.

Setting X'01' is relevant only to sites running MP/204.

X'01' (MP/204 only) Allows an MP subtask to handle server swapping if the subtask has nothing else to do.

Note: As of version 7.6 of Model 204, this setting is disabled (has no effect), because the behavior it invoked is automatically on in those versions.

For more information about zIIP processing, refer to the SCHDOPT parameter description.