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Sirius compilation flags


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Before Sirius Mods 6.7


This is a bitmask parameter that controls some SOUL compilation options. The meaning of the SIRCOMP bits are:

X'01' Html/Text statements should compile literals onto an internal $list rather than STBL.

Of course, for a pre-compiled procedure, this $list will be shared among all users of the procedure. This reduces STBL requirements for requests with large quantities of literal text inside Html or Text blocks, at the cost of slightly more disk buffer pool usage.

Access to these string literals stored in CCATEMP is highly optimized, so it might have little or no CPU cost compared to storing them in STBL — in fact, there might be some CPU benefits in storing them in CCATEMP.

X'02' If a compilation that was started inside a procedure (the Begin command was in a procedure) is still active when the last Included procedure is closed (return to command prompt on an interactive thread), the compilation is terminated with an error.
X'04' If a compilation that was started inside a procedure is still active when the procedure that contained the Begin is closed, the compilation is terminated with an error.

The X'02'and X'04' settings are intended to minimize the problems or annoyances associated with a forgotten End statement in a SOUL procedure, or, more commonly, unmatched quotes resulting in an End statement being "swallowed" as part of a literal (producing the well-known M204.1248: LOOKING FOR CLOSE QUOTE message). A compilation ended because of the SIRCOMP X'02' or X'04' setting also automatically closes any unclosed quotes or unclosed comment blocks.

The difference between the X'02' bit and the X'04' bit is that the X'02' bit (when the X'04' bit is not set) allows an Including procedure to contain the End statement for a Begin that was in an Included procedure. Unless this unusual structure is used, the X'04' bit is probably a better choice for most sites. If the X'04' bit is set, the setting of the X'02' bit has no effect.

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