SQLBSCAN parameter

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Max RSQL read/writes


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On user's parameter line (CCAIN)
Related products
Model 204 V3.1


The limit on the number of significant internal operations that a user can execute without causing a user restart

Model 204 issues a user restart when an SQL request reaches SQLBSCAN internal operations, which include indexed finds, fetching from files and intermediate result tables, and writing to files and intermediate result tables. The SQLBSCAN counter is not affected by user swapping.

SQLBSCAN is an integer whose minimum is -1, maximum is 2147483647, and default is -1. Setting SQLBSCAN to 0 allows the value of SQLLPLIM to determine when a user is restarted. (See SQLLPLIM: Internal loop limit.) Setting SQLBSCAN to -1 places no limit on the total number of operations executed in a user's request.