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SSLBSIZE xxxx — Size of input/output buffers on SSL port

SSLBSIZE is a JANUS DEFINE parameter that sets the value for both SSLIBSIZE and SSLOBSIZE on a Janus port.

This tuning parameter specifies the size of the SSL input buffer used for reading encrypted data for an SSL port. An SSL port is a Janus port whose definition includes an SSL parameter, which indicates that communications on this port may be encrypted using Janus Network Security SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) support.

The SSLBSIZE parameter also specifies the size of the SSL output buffer. To set the input and output buffer sizes independently, you use the SSLIBSIZE and SSLOBSIZE parameters.

The default for SSLBSIZE is 4096 bytes; the minimum and maximum values are 1024 and 32767.

Note: If you set SSLBSIZE greater than the SSL specification maximum buffer size of 16384, the port's output buffer size is set to 16384 bytes, and as of Model 204 7.5, the port's input buffer size is also set to 16384.

Since setting the input buffer greater than 16384 bytes might be necessary if the port will have connections with SSL implementations that don't fully conform to the SSL specification, you can use the CUSTOM parameter 18 value to allow SSLIBSIZE to be greater than 16384. This is often necessary when the port is used for form-based uploads. CUSTOM=18 restores the SSLIBSIZE maximum to 32767.

For more information about buffer sizing and about Janus handling of oversized packets, see SSLIBSIZE and SSLOBSIZE.

SSLBSIZE is valid for SRVSOCK, WEBSERV, OPENSERV, and SDS port types.

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