STOP command: Stopping an application subsystem

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Defined in the subsystem definition
Stops an application subsystem


STOP SUBSYSTEM subsysname [FROM location]


subsysname The name of the application subsystem, comprised of a maximum of ten characters.
location Valid only for Parallel Query Option/204 service subsystems, this is the CCAIN LOCATION parameter of the client node that activated the service subsystem.

location is also the value of the CLNT field in the LOGWHO command output.

Usage notes

If the STOP command is issued when there are no active users in the application subsystem, the subsystem is completely stopped. The subsystem frees the core-resident control blocks and the CCATEMP pages associated with precompiled procedures. All enqueued procedures and file groups are released and all subsystem files and groups are closed.

If the STOP command is issued with active users in the subsystem, the application subsystem facility sets the application subsystem to the drain state. Other users are barred from entering the subsystem. When the last user leaves, the subsystem is completely stopped.

For more information about STOP SUBSYSTEM when it specifies a subsystem that uses remote files, see STOP SUBSYSTEM command processing.