SYSDATE parameter

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System initial date


Default value
Current operating system time
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameter list only
Related products
Model 204 V3.2.1


The SYSDATE parameter lets you set the initial system date to a given value. The SYSDATE and SYSTIME parameters must both be specified together, unless SYSDATE=+ddd is specified.

The format for the parameter value is:




where ddd is the number of days to be added to the current date. If SYSDATE=+ddd is specified alone, the time is set to the current time of day. If SYSTIME is also specified, the time is set to the specified value.


  • The SYSDATE value must not be in the past, and it must not be after 2042/09/17, the date the old-style, 8-byte hardware, Time-Of-Day clock value wraps to zero.
  • Use only copies of production files when running with the SYSDATE parameter; otherwise you might lose information.