ToIntegerPower and ToPower (Float functions)

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Raise number to an integer power (Float class)

The ToPower and ToIntegerPower intrinsic functions return a number that is the method object value "raised to the power" specified by the method argument. The argument value is initially rounded to the nearest integral value.

ToPower is a synonym for ToIntegerPower.


%number = float:ToIntegerPower( exponent)

%number = float:ToPower( exponent)

Syntax terms

%number A numeric variable to contain the method result.
float A Float value.
exponent A Float value, which is rounded to the nearest integer. The method object float is raised to the power of that rounded value.

Usage notes

  • If float is 0 and exponent is less than or equal to 0, the request is cancelled.
  • ToPower / ToIntegerPower are object-oriented versions of the $RXPI function.
  • ToPower / ToIntegerPower are available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.


  1. The following statement returns '3:toPower(5) = 243'.

    printText {~} = {3:toPower(5)}

  2. The following statement returns '-.1:toPower(2.8) is -0.001'.

    printText {~} is {-.1:toPower(2.8)}

  3. The following statement returns '2:toIntegerPower(-2.2) is 0.25'.

    printText {~} is {2:toIntegerPower(-2.2)}

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