ToUpper and ToLower (String functions)

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Translate to uppercase/lowercase (String class)

The ToUpper and ToLower functions return the alphabetic characters in the method object string as all-uppercase or all-lowercase characters, respectively. Non-alphabetic characters are returned as is, and the input string undergoes no other change.


%outString = string:ToUpper

%outString = string:ToLower

Syntax terms

%outString A string to receive the all-uppercase or all-lowercase characters converted from the input string.
string The input, method object string.

Usage notes

  • These functions are available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.


Example ToUpper and ToLower statements follow:

. . . %s is longstring %s = 'A c E g ?4lN ,8, t v { Z' printText {~} = '{%s:toUpper}' printText {~} = '{%s:toLower}' . . .

The results are:

%s:toUpper = A C E G ?4LN ,8, T V { Z %s:toLower = a c e g ?4ln ,8, t v { z

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