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Unpins the specified Client external window(s), that is, no longer forces the window(s) to remain at the top of the Client PC's open window stack.  


unpin {windowname | pattern | *}

where you must specify one of these:

  • <windowname, the (case not important) name, or title, at the top of a Client work window or external window
  • pattern, a character sequence that ends with an asterisk (*), which performs a "wildcard" search (for example, w* finds the Watch Window and Web Buffer window)
  • A lone asterisk (*), which removes the pinning from all pinned windows

If you unPin a window that is not already pinned, the command is ignored. If the command indicates a window that is missing or invalid, or if it does not match an open external window, an error message is issued.  

To pin a window that is not currently pinned, use the pin command.

Client menu: Context menu option (UnPin) of external window title bar
Introduced: Build 56