List of Dataset methods

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The following are the available Dataset class methods.

BlockSizeThe block size of this dataset
CloseClose this dataset
KeyEQPosition a VSAM dataset by key equality
KeyGEPosition a VSAM dataset by key greater than or equal
NewCreate a new dataset object
NumberOfBuffersNumber of buffers to use for i/o
OpenOpen this dataset
OutputIndicates whether this dataset is writeable
ReadBlockRead data from this dataset
ReadRecordRead a record from this dataset
ReadRecordsRead multiple records from this dataset
RecordFormatThe format of record i/o blocks
RecordLengthThe record length of this dataset
ReleasePositionRelease the current position in a VSAM dataset
SirTuneReportRead this dataset as a SirTune sample dataset
StateThe current state of this dataset
WriteBlockWrite a block of data to this dataset
WriteRecordWrite a record to this dataset
WriteRecordsWrite multiple records to this dataset

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