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KeyEQ returns a Boolean enumeration to indicate whether the specified key was found within the Dataset object. If true, the object is positioned to that record. A subsequent read of the Dataset object will return the specified record.



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Syntax terms

%boolean A Boolean enumeration value
key A key object.

Syntax terms

%boolean An enumeration object of type Boolean to contain the result of the positioning of the dataset object to key Key . KeyEQ returns True if the specified key is found; otherwise it returns False.
Key The value used to position the Dataset object.

Usage notes

  • The default for Key is nulls. Setting the value to nulls will cause reads to begin from the first record.
  • .


ALLOCATE DATASET VSAMALT WITH SCOPE=SYSTEM DSN=RDP.VSAM.AIX - VSAM KEYED OLD SHARE ALLOCATE DATASET VSAMDS WITH SCOPE=SYSTEM DSN=RDP.VSAM - VSAM KEYED OLD SHARE Begin %l is longstring %ds is object dataset %ds = new('VSAMALT') if %ds:open then print "Error opening dataset" stop end if %key is string len 4 initial('AAAA') print %ds:keyeq(%key) %l = %ds:readRecord %ds:close %ds = new('VSAMDS') if %ds:open then print "Error opening dataset" stop end if print %ds:keyge(%l:Substring(10,8)) repeat forever %l = %ds:readRecord if %ds:state eq afterEnd then print 'end of rec' loop end end if print %l end repeat %ds:close End FREE VSAMALT FREE VSAMDS

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