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The following are the available Json class methods.

AddAdd an item to a JSON array
ArrayCreate an Array JSON object
BooleanCreate a Boolean JSON object
BooleanValueGet boolean value of JSON object
CopyCopy the JSON object
CountNumber of items in object
DeepCopyCopy the JSON object
DeleteDelete a JSON object/array item value
FalseCreate a false Boolean JSON object
InsertInsert an item into a JSON array
ItemReturn or set JSON object/array item value
ItemByNumberReturn JSON object/array item value by item number
NameByNumberGet name of item in JSON object
NumberCreate a Number JSON object
NumberByNameGet number of named item in JSON object
NumberValueGet number value of JSON object
ObjectCreate an Object JSON object
ParseCreate an JSON object from serialized JSON
StringCreate a String JSON object
StringifySerialize a JSON object
StringValueGet string value of JSON object
ToStringSerialize a JSON object
TrueCreate a true Boolean JSON object
TypeGet type of JSON object

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