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Translate ASCII to EBCDIC

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $A2E function is the AsciiToEbcdic (String function).

The $A2E function returns a string that is the EBCDIC equivalent of the (presumed) ASCII input string. $A2E is Longstring capable, that is, it can receive an input Longstring and will produce an output Longstring.


%ebcdic = $A2E(ascii_val)

%ebcdic A string that is the ASCII-to-EBCDIC translation of ascii_val.
ascii_val The string to be translated from ASCII to EBCDIC.

Usage notes

  • The inverse of $A2E is $E2A.
  • $A2E uses the Janus "STANDARD" ASCII-to-EBCDIC translation tables, and it provides no mechanism for overriding these tables. However, as described in translation tables, you are able to modify the STANDARD tables if necessary.
  • The $Ebcdic function provides the same type of translation as $A2E, but it is only available if the FUNU module is linked in, it does not use the Janus translation tables, and it is not Longstring capable.

Products authorizing $A2E