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Execute Model 204 command on sdaemon, results to $list

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $CommndL function is Run (Daemon function). The OO APIs emphasize the use of the Daemon methods; users are strongly urged to use the new Daemon API instead of the old $functions.

This function allows a Model 204 command to be executed on an sdaemon with the results captured into a $list. $CommndL performs the same function as $Command except that data is returned to a $list rather than an image.

The $CommndL function accepts five arguments and returns a number indicating the success of the function. It is also callable.


%rc = $CommndL(cmd, [msgctl], [list_id], [file], [width])

%rc A numeric variable that is set to 0 or to a return code.
cmd A string containing the Model 204 command to be executed. This is a required argument.
msgctl A number indicating the setting to be used for MSGCTL when issuing the command in the sdaemon. This is an optional parameter, and it defaults to the user's current MSGCTL setting.
list_id The identifier of the $list that is to receive the command output. This is an optional parameter; if omitted, command output is placed on the audit trail as "RK" lines.
file A string indicating the name of a file that is to be automatically opened by the sdaemon and made the current file before cmd is executed. This file is opened with the same access privileges the user currently has for the file. This is an optional parameter.
width A number indicating the line width to be used for output lines. This is an optional argument, and it defaults to 256. This value can be specified as any value between 1 and the minimum LOBUFF value for any sdaemon thread in the Online, and if the value is not a valid number or not in this range, the request is cancelled.

Return codes

0 - Command successfully executed 4 - Command processed, errors produced 8 - sdaemon restarted 12 - sdaemon required more input 16 - No sdaemons are running 20 - Out of storage 36 - Line control settings invalid 40 - Invalid file identifier


The following program issues a VIEW command and displays the result at the user's terminal.

b %list = $ListNew %rc = $CommndL('VIEW', ,%list) FOR %i FROM 1 TO $ListCnt(%list) PRINT $ListInf(%list, %i) END FOR end

Products authorizing $CommndL