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File initialization YYDDDMMHHSSTH

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is no OO equivalent for the $FIniTim function.

This function returns the date and time a file was initialized, in YYDDDMMHHSSTH format.

The $FIniTim function accepts one arguments and returns either a null string or a string in YYDDDHHMMSSTH format.


%time = $FIniTim(fname)

Syntax terms

%time A null string if the file is not open, or it is it is the date and time that the file was initialized in YYDDDHHMMSSTH format.
fname The name of the file for which initialization date and time is to be returned. The file must be currently opened by the user.


This code fragment sets %TIME to the date and time that file MYFILE was initialized:


Products authorizing $FIniTim

  • Sirius Functions