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$list of active and enqueued Fast/Unload requests

This requests a list of active and enqueued Fast/Unload requests. The list is returned to a $list that can be processed with the $list functions.

The $FunList function accepts one argument and returns a numeric result.

The only argument is a destination $list identifier.


%result = $FunList(list_identifier)

%result is set either to 0, if the information was added to the $list, or to a return code if not:

3 — CCATEMP is full 6 — Invalid $list identifier

Usage notes

  • Each item in the destination $list has the following format:
    Col 1-8 Request number
    Col 11-18 Task number running request or blank if request still enqueued
    Col 21-30 Userid of request originator
    Col 33-40 User number of request originator
    Col 43-50 Time request originated
    Col 53-60 DDNAME of file being unloaded
  • A full screen Fast/Unload request display procedure is provided with the Fast/Unload distribution. It is called FUNLIST CCAIN in the CMS distribution, and it is member FUNLIST in the MVS distribution library.


This statement sequence displays a list of all active and enqueued requests:

%LIST = $ListNew %RC = $FunList(%LIST) IF %RC GE 0 THEN FOR %I FROM 1 TO $ListCnt(%LIST) PRINT $ListInf(%LIST, %I) END FOR

Products authorizing $FunList