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Integer base raised to integer exponent

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is currently no direct OO equivalent for the $IxpI function.

The $IxpI function returns the value of its first argument (rounded to the nearest integral value) raised to the power of its second argument (rounded to the nearest integral value).


%num = $IxpI(x, y)

Usage notes

  • If x equals 0, and y is less than or equal to 0, an error message is printed and a 0 is returned.
  • Results from $IxpI that would have an exponent value greater than +74 (when expressed in standard form) cause an arithmetic overflow error, and they return the value 0.


$ixpi(8,2) = 82 = 64 $ixpi(2.4,.5) = $ixpi(2,1) = 2