$List_Global_List and $List_Session_List

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$List_Global_List and $List_Session_List: List global/session $lists

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. There is no OO equivalent for the $List_Global_List and $List_Session_List functions.

$List_Global_List and $List_Session_List return information about global and session $lists to a $list.

$List_Global_List and $List_Session_List are callable $functions.


[%rc =] $List_Global_List(listid)

[%rc =] $List_Session_List(listid)

Syntax terms

%rc A numeric variable to receive either of these:
  • The number of items added to the output $list.
  • -3, if CCATEMP is full and the LISTFC parameter is not set. All other errors result in request cancellation.
listid The $list identifier to receive the output from $List_Global_List or $List_Session_List. This is a required argument.

Usage notes

  • The format of the data in the output $list is
    Col 1-10 The EBCDIC number of items on the $list, right-justified.
    Col 11- The name of the global or session $list.
  • A $List_Session_List call when there is no session open causes a request cancellation.


The following example displays information about all current global and session $lists:

%LIST = $ListNew %RC = $List_Global_List(%LIST) PRINT 'Global $lists:' %RC = $List_Print(%LIST) %LIST = $ListNew %RC = $List_Session_List(%LIST) PRINT 'Session $lists:' %RC = $List_Print(%LIST)

Products authorizing $List_Global_List and $List_Session_List