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Given name of a VTAM PROCESS, the $MODENME function returns the MODENAME defined for the VTAM PROCESSGROUP associated with that PROCESS. The $MODENME function takes a character literal, or %variable as its one argument.

The MODENAME is returned in a character string which may be up to 8 bytes in length. $MODENME may be issued from any thread type.


The format of the $MODENME function is:



$MODENME returns M204.3051 PROCESS [process name] not found if the PROCESS has not been defined. $MODENME returns M204.3052: PROCESSGROUP not found for PROCESS [ process name ] if the PROCESS' named PROCESSGROUP has not been defined.

Further Study

Please see DEFINE PROCESS for more information on VTAM Processes and DEFINE PROCESSGROUP for more information on VTAM Processgroups.