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Determine number of client certificate levels

$Web_Cert_Levels retrieves the number of certificate levels in a received client certificate.


%levels = $Web_Cert_Levels

Usage notes

  • For a non-SSL connection or a connection in which the client certificates are optional (SSLCLCERT set on the JANUS DEFINE as opposed to SSLCLCERTR) and the client chose not to send a certificate, $Web_Cert_Levels returns a 0.
  • For an SSL connection where the client sent a certificate, $Web_Cert_Levels will return a number greater than 0. Level 0 of a certificate always contains the client information. Level 1 contains the information for the "signer" of the client certificate. Level 2 would contain information for the "signer" of the level 1 signer's certificate, and so on.
  • Since all certificates accepted by Janus Network Security must be signed, $Web_Cert_Levels will always be greater than or equal to 2 if non-zero. Level 3 would indicate a certificate that includes an intermediate certificate.
  • For information on the data that can be retrieved for each certificate level see $Web_Cert_Info. To learn more about client certificates see the Janus Network Security pages.