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Serves as a placeholder for a command argument within a macro (if used outside of a macro, an error is issued). The argument that takes the place of &&arg is dynamically provided by the Client user.



where n is a numeric constant, or a macro variable.

Designed for commands that have multiple arguments, this function parses the blank-delimited, user-provided string to determine the replacement values for the &&arg occurrences within the command. The first such value in the string replaces &&arg(1), the second replaces &&arg(2), and so on.

The &argstring variable is a placeholder designed for single-argument commands within a macro.

If a command takes a single argument, or you want to treat whatever is passed to the command as a single string (even if it contains blanks), use the &argstring variable instead of the &&arg function.

Scope: Allowed only in Debugger macros.
Introduced: Build 28