ASSIGN command

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Assigns an alias for the name of a procedure


ASSIGN procname,alias


procname is the name or the alias of an existing Model 204 procedure.
alias is the new alias to be added to the procedure definition (1 to 255 characters). The alias cannot begin with a minus sign or a zero. The alias can consist of any alphanumeric characters, but not the following punctuation and keyboard characters:
Character name Keyboard or screen symbol, enclosed in parentheses
Carriage return ( : ) or (Enter) or (Return) or (Shift + Enter or Return)
Comma ( , )
Equal sign ( = )
Greater ( > )
Less ( > )
Parenthesis left ( ( )
Parenthesis right ( ) )
Semicolon ( ; )
Single quote ( ' )
Space ( )

Syntax notes

A comma is required between procname and alias.



Usage notes

A procedure can have more than one name: an official name and any number of alternative names or aliases. You can specify an alias when you define the procedure (in the PROCEDURE command) or at a later time (in the ASSIGN command).

If a group contains multiple procedure files, then the ASSIGN command does not execute in group context. In this case, aliases must be assigned in file context.

After the ASSIGN command has been executed, the official name and all old aliases remain in effect. An alias remains in effect until it is deassigned with the DEASSIGN command.

The DISPLAY command (ALIAS option) can be used to display the existing aliases for one or more procedure names.
When it processes ASSIGN, Model 204 ends any current User Language update unit and begins a non-backoutable update unit. If a Model 204 command non-backoutable update unit is in progress, ASSIGN is included in that update unit. For more information about Model 204 update units, see Update units and transactions.