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Add a form field to the request (HttpRequest class)

The AddField method lets you add a form field name and value pair to the HTTP request that is to be sent to the HTTP server.


httpRequest:AddField( fieldName, fieldValue, [file], [translate])

Syntax terms

httpRequest A previously defined and instantiated HttpRequest object.
fieldName A string expression that names an HTTP form field. Field names are case insensitive.

Passing multiple occurrences is allowed; if a same-named field is already present, an additional instance is added.

fieldValue A Longstring or a Stringlist object expression that results in a value for the field. If it is a Stringlist, a line-end sequence is appended to each Stringlist item as it is added to the Post data. The LineEnd property sets which of three line-end sequence options is appended.
file A string that identifies the file to be uploaded. The default is no file specification, that is, a non-file data Post. This is an optional parameter.
translate This optional Boolean parameter controls whether the fieldValue content is processed with EBCDIC-to-ASCII translation. If translate is not specified, the default is True (use EBCDIC-to-ASCII translation). If the value is False, no translation occurs.

Usage notes

  • See MultiPartFormEncoding for information about using AddField for a form used to Post file data.
  • AddField is designed for requests that have the application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data content types. It is an error to use AddField in a request that has, say, a text/xml content type.
  • If form fields are defined with AddField, no explicit content type is set with AddHeader, and multipart form encoding is not enabled with MultiPartFormEncoding (HttpRequest property)|MultiPartFormEncoding. The HTTP Helper automatically sends the following request header on Post calls:

    content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


The following User Language prompts for a procedure name, stores the procedure in a Stringlist, and uploads the procedure using multipart form encoding.

begin %request is object httpRequest %response is object httpResponse %upfile is object stringlist %procname is string len 255 %rc is fixed %procname = $read('Enter proc name please') %rc = $procopn( %procname ) if ( %rc ) then print 'could not open the proc, dude.' stop end if %upfile = new %upfile:appendOpenProcedure %rc = $proccls %upfile:print %request = new %request:URL = 'whatever' %request:multiPartFormEncoding = true %request:lineEnd = CR %request:addField('filename',%upfile,%procname) %response = %request:post( 'CSOCK' ) print %response:statusline print %response:content end

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