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Opens and determines the position of the Client's main button bar in a Client external window. To locate the button bar within the Client main window, use the mainButtonBar command.


buttonBar [position]

where position is one of these options that control the disposition of the external button bar (the Button Bar window):

  • top docks the window (places it, immobile) at the top left corner of the desktop.
  • bottom docks the window at the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  • float places the window centrally and not docked (movable) on the desktop.
  • hide closes the window.
  • show opens the window and restores the previous dock mode, if any.
    • If the main button bar is not currently an external window, show makes it external and restores its previous dock mode, if any, or uses float as the default mode.
    • If the main button bar is already in an external window, show has no effect.

The show parameter is the default.

Client menu: Window > Show Button Bar in External Window
Introduced: Build 55