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Turns on character translation on a socket port

CHAR is a parameter on JANUS DEFINE, which defines and sets characteristics of a Janus port.

This parameter requests Janus Sockets to translate strings (sent and received with Janus Sockets $functions or methods) between the internal representation within Model 204 (EBCDIC) and the character representation used by the remote end of the connection.

This translation can be disabled by one of the following:

  • Setting a socket to BINARY using $Sock_Set or the Set function of the Socket class
  • Using the BINARY option on an individual receive or send Janus Sockets $function or Socket class method
  • Using an option of the AddField method or the Content method of the HTTP Helper

Individual strings can always be translated using $Sock_Tran_In or $Sock_Tran_Out, or their Socket method counterparts, TranIn or TranOut.

If the CHAR setting is in effect, translation is determined by the tables defined by the socket's XTAB setting.

The BINARY parameter is the opposite of CHAR. CHAR is the default.

Valid only for CLSOCK and SRVSOCK ports.

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