CREATEG command

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System manager (as User 0 only)
Creates the CCAGRP file, which contains definitions of permanent file groups



Syntax notes

The CREATEG command cannot be issued from within a procedure.

Usage notes

CCAGRP is a Model 204 file that contains the definitions of the permanent file groups that the system manager has created with the CREATE command.

The CCAGRP file must be created in a batch run before the first permanent group is created. The User 0 stream must contain a LOGIN command with system manager privileges. Creating the CCAGRP data set describes the JCL required in this run and discusses the parameters that must be set when issuing a CREATEG command.

When it processes CREATEG, Model 204 ends any current SOUL update unit and begins a non-backoutable update unit. If a Model 204 command non-backoutable update unit is in progress, CREATEG is included in that update unit.