Cancelling execution

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When you run a request that includes User Language, the Debugger Client displays the program in the Source Code tab, prior to the execution of any program statements. At this point or at any point after you begin to execute the code, you can terminate the execution of the program by clicking the Cancel control button.


When you click Cancel, you receive a "do you really want to" message because the operation is not reversible. You can view the remainder of the current program but cannot subsequently execute any of that code, unless you invoke it for debugging again.

If you click the Cancel button, you receive a Do you really want to cancel? prompt because the operation is not reversible. If you click Yes for the prompt:

  • Cancelled on request is displayed in the status box.
  • You can view the remainder of the current program but cannot execute any of it.
  • The Client takes no further action until you click the Run button, which finishes the request (omitting the execution of the statements from the point at which you click Cancel until the request End statement). A cancellation message is then issued:
For a web request, the Debugger sends the browser a message like the following:


For a 3270 request, a message like the following is sent to the terminal:

***  MSIR.0943: Request cancel performed from debugger 

The CTRL-X key combination (by default) is equivalent to clicking the Cancel button.