ClearBreakpointOnCurrentLine command

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Clears a breakpoint on the currently selected line in the Source Code (or Daemon) page; if the currently selected line is not an executable statement, clears a breakpoint on the next executable line after the currently selected line.




  • If you have not explicitly selected a code line, the current line is the highlighted code line.
  • If you execute this command for a line that already has no breakpoint set, no action is taken.

For code lines for which a breakpoint is set, the toggleBreakpointOnCurrentLine command has the same effect as the clearBreakpointOnCurrentLine command.

To set a breakpoint on the current line, you can use the setBreakpointOnCurrentLine command or the toggleBreakpointOnCurrentLine command.

To clear all breakpoints, you can use the clearBreaks command.

Client menu: --
Introduced: Build 57