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Remove all records from Recordset (Recordset class)

Clear removes all of the records in a Recordset object, without discarding the object. It provides functionality identical to the User Language Clear List statement, but it does so for Recordset objects.

The Clear method is only available in Sirius Mods 7.0 and later.



Syntax terms

recordset A non-null Recordset object variable.

Usage notes

  • If an active For loop references a Recordset object, either via a direct reference to the Recordset object or via a RecordsetCursor instantiated against the Recordset, and that Recordset is cleared by the Clear method, its record will be closed.
  • If a RecordsetCursor object is instantiated against a Recordset object that gets cleared, the State property of the RecordsetCursor object is set to the CursorState enumeration value NoRecord, which is described in "Cursor state".

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