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Close this socket connection (Socket class)

This method terminates the sending and receiving of data on, and removes from use, a Janus Sockets connection. The Close method, which may be invoked with a Call statement, has an effect similar to its equivalent $function, $Sock_Close.


[%number =] socket:Close

Syntax terms

%number If specified, this is a numeric variable to contain the returned value 1 from Close, indicating the connection is closed.
socket A variable or an expression that is a reference to a Socket object.

Usage notes

  • In addition to closing the socket, the Close method destroys (discards) the object.
  • Close is not affected by any ONRESET setting. If the socket for which it is invoked is in the RESET state, Close continues to the next statement and does not set the last socket error information.
  • This method must be used to close a WebSocket connection.


The Close call signals that the program has completed all processing on the %sok socket: