CurrentRecord (RecordsetCursor function)

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Create Record object from current record in the set (RecordsetCursor class)

CurrentRecord cancels the request if it cannot create a Record object because there is no current record.


%record = recordsetCursor:CurrentRecord[( [lockStrength], - [LoopLockStrength= lockStrength])]

Syntax terms

%record A Record object variable for the assignment of the current record in recordsetCursor's record set. record must have the same file or group context as recordsetCursor.
recordsetCursor A RecordsetCursor object.
lockStrength A Lockstrength enumeration value: None, Share, or Exclusive. These correspond to standard Model 204 record-locking levels, as described below. The default lock strength is Share, matching the locking behavior of a User Language For Record Number statement.
Record is not locked.
No locks are held on the object, so there is no conflict with others holding Share or Exclusive locks (readers and updaters may proceed).
Record is share locked.
This level allows other users to hold a Share lock, but not an Exclusive lock (allows readers but not updaters to proceed).
Record is exclusively locked.
This level prohibits others from holding either an Exclusive lock or a Share lock. It is generally used for update.
LoopLockStrength The lock strength to be used for For Record loops on the Record object. This is an optional, name required, parameter, and it defaults to None. Its possible values are described above.

Usage notes

  • CurrentRecord is valid only if cursor state is HasRecord.
  • The default lock strength of the new record object is Share.

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