Cursor (Recordset function)

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Create a RecordsetCursor object from a Recordset (Recordset class)


%recordsetCursor = recordset:Cursor[( [LoopLockStrength= lockStrength])]

Syntax terms

%recordsetCursor The result RecordsetCursor object, if the method object recordset has at least one record. If recordset has no records, Cursor returns a Null object.
recordset A Recordset object.
LoopLockStrength The lock strength to be used for For Record At loops on the cursor. This is an optional, name required, parameter, available in Sirius Mods 7.0 and later. It defaults to None. See "LoopLockStrength for RecordsetCursors".

Usage notes

  • You can have as many cursors as you want for a record set.
  • To test for an empty record set, use IsEmpty, which is much more efficient than testing the record Count for 0,
  • The instantiated RecordsetCursor is automatically positioned on the first record in the set.

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