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Any user
Establishes the current default file or group.


DEFAULT [FILE |[PERM | TEMP] GROUP] name [AT location]


name is the name of the new default file or group (1 to 8 characters).
  • For Parallel Query Option/204 files, location is the symbolic name (as many as eight characters) that refers to the location of the node on which the remote file resides. An unquoted equal sign (=) specifies that the file is local.

  • If remote, location must match a symbolic destination name specified in the DESTINATION parameter of the relevant local client DEFINE PROCESS command.



Usage notes

The Model 204 default file or group is the file or group upon which Model 204 operates unless a particular file or group is specified in a command or User Language request. There is only one default in effect at a time.

If neither FILE nor GROUP is specified in the DEFAULT command, Model 204 attempts to determine what the default should be. Model 204 first searches for a temporary group that has the specified name. If a temporary group cannot be found, Model 204 searches for a permanent group, and then for a file.

Issue the DEFAULT command whenever the old default file or group is closed.

Note: The OPEN command automatically establishes a new default file or group, but the OPENC command does not.