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User 0 or system manager
Defines the SQL process




SCOPE=SYSTEM indicates that the definition is available to all users of the Model 204 system for the entire run.
FROM associates CCARSQL with one or more processgroups. The values of pg1, pg2, and so on must include the names of all the processgroups serviced by CCARSQL.

Because all Model 204 SQL processing uses CCARSQL, the FROM parameter processgroup list must include the names of all Connect: processgroups defined for your copy of Model 204.

TIMEOUT specifies the time in seconds that the CCARSQL process waits for a network transmission to arrive from its partner. If the TIMEOUT limit is exceeded, the conversation ends abnormally and the session is unbound.

TIMEOUT applies to IUCV SQL only. It is ignored by CRAM SQL.

DATALEN specifies the size of the Horizon conversation buffer that is used to receive data from, and to return data to, the client SQL application. The DATALEN maximum is 32763.

DATALEN applies to Horizon only. It is ignored by CRAM and IUCV SQL.

To avoid truncation of client data received, DATALEN must be greater than or equal to the Datalen value in the Connect:Gateway Server configuration or the Data Buffer Length value in the configuration of the Connect:Workstation with direct connection.

To optimize performance when returning data to the client, you can adjust DATALEN using the Model 204 since-last statistic SQLO.

For more information about setting DATALEN, see the Model 204 SQL Server User's Guide.


A process is a Horizon conversation program. It is associated with the FROM parameter with a set of processgroups. The processgroups associate the process with one or more links.

In Model 204 SQL connections, the Model 204 SQL process, named CCARSQL, is used for all connections to the Model 204 SQL Server. Whereas link and processgroup definitions usually vary with the type of connection, one definition of CCARSQL must apply to all SQL connections. For example, if you have Connect connections to the same copy of Model 204, you should specify only one CCARSQL definition. which must service all the connections.

The CCARSQL process is the only process used in Model 204 SQL connections.

If you require both a mainframe and a Connect workstation SQL connection, you need to define CCARSQL only once (that is, with your CRAM or IUCV SQL definitions or with your Horizon definitions). On that CCARSQL definition you must list as values of the FROM parameter the names of all the processgroups defined for CRAM or IUCV SQL and for Horizon.

If you have already defined CCARSQL as part of the Horizon definitions, do not include a DEFINE PROCESS command as part of your CRAM or IUCV SQL definitions. But make sure that the CCARSQL definition includes the name of your CRAM or IUCV SQL processgroups.

Horizon DEFINE PROCESS parameters other than SCOPE and FROM are ignored by CRAM and IUCV SQL.
If you include a CCARSQL process definition with both your mainframe and Connect workstation DEFINE commands, make sure that it is the same in both places and names all Model 204 SQL processgroups.


In Model 204 SQL connections, CCARSQL is always the server process in the conversation. CCARSQL always receives (never initiates) the SQL client's request for a conversation.

For more information about SQL entities, see Networking concepts and terminology.