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System manager
Makes unavailable a remote file or scattered group that belongs to a local Parallel Query Option/204 subsystem


DISABLE SUBSYSTEM subsysname {[FILE filename | GROUP grpname] AT location}


subsysname is the name of the client subsystem.
filename is the name of a remote file. You cannot specify local files.
grpname is the name of a scattered group. You cannot specify non scattered groups.
location must match the value of a symbolic destination name specified in the DESTINATION parameter of a local CCAD2C process definition.

Syntax notes

location is required. You cannot specify local files.



Usage notes

If a file or group is marked "enabled" to a client subsystem, a user can open the file or group. To make a file or group inaccessible, you must issue DISABLE SUBSYSTEM for the file or group.

If a file or group is disabled because of a communications problem and the problem is resolved, the file or group remains disabled until you explicitly enable it.

You can disable a subsystem file to keep the file itself, or the subsystem to which it belongs, inaccessible for a short period of time, without shutting down the subsystem by using the DISABLE SUBSYSTEM command.

The consequence of disabling a subsystem file depends on whether the file is an optional or mandatory group member:

If you disable... Consequences
Mandatory file You effectively disable the subsystem, because users attempting to access the disabled file cannot access the subsystem.
Optional file Users can log in to the subsystem, but cannot access the disabled file.