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Any user
Disconnects your terminal from Model 204



Usage notes

The DISCONNECT command disconnects you from Model 204. In some hardware configurations, DISCONNECT also physically hangs up the telephone line.

If you are logged in at the time that the DISCONNECT command is issued, Model 204 logs you out before dropping the Model 204 connection.

The system manager controls whether or not logging out automatically disconnects your terminal. If the SYSOPT system parameter has been set with option 8, the LOGOUT command automatically disconnects your terminal after the logout has been completed. In this case, the DISCONNECT and LOGOUT commands are interchangeable.

The DISCONNECT command can execute from within an application subsystem.

When it processes DISCONNECT, Model 204 ends any update unit in progress and begins a non-backoutable update unit. For more information about Model 204 update units, see Update units and transactions.