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Date time stamp updates (1=automatic, 0=bypassed)


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
Reset by system manager
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Model 204 V7.1


Enables date/time stamp processing when set to 1. System managers can reset DTS to 0 to disable automatic date/time stamps. When DTS is 0, if you have file manager privileges, you can update a DTSFN field with values of your choosing.

Value Behavior
1 For date/time stamp files, transactions participate in DTS updating. The date/time stamp field of an updated record is automatically updated at the beginning of COMMIT processing.

This is the default setting for the parameter.

0 Transactions do not participate in DTS updating. When a transaction does not participate in DTS processing, the date/time stamp field will not be updated on records that are themselves updated.
  • You must be a system manager to reset the DTS parameter. You can reset DTS for your thread only.

    If DTS=0 is set in the CCAIN for the Online, it is ignored and DTS=1 is assumed, and a warning message is written to the audit trail.

  • If you are resetting DTS to 0, any open files with the FOPT parameter X'10' bit on must have been opened with file manager privileges, or the RESET DTS will fail.
  • If the value of the DTS parameter is 0 on a thread, subsequent opens of FOPT X'10' files must obtain file manager privileges, or the OPEN FILE filename will fail.

Note: During FLOD/FILELOAD, the DTS field, if one is defined to the file, is not updated. This means that a new DTS field defined as part of a file reorganization will not have a value calculated during the reorganization. Existing DTS fields are only added from TAPEI input, and they are not automatically updated by the DTS feature.


  • If you reset DTS to 0 on your thread (for example, in a BATCH204 or BATCH2 job, or any Online thread), no date/time stamp processing occurs for any file accessed on this thread.
  • If you have file manager privileges for a date/time stamp file, you can turn DTS processing off by resetting FOPT to turn off the X'10' bit. This suspends date/time stamp processing for this file for all users.

    Currently, the DTS parameter cannot suspend automatic date/time stamp processing for all files in an Online; that is, the DTS=1 default of the Online cannot be SET or RESET to DTS=0.

  • DTS is not supported under Parallel Query Option. Any attempt to open a remote date/time stamp file (FOPT X'10') fails.

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