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Return a deep copy of a Regex object (Regex class)

This method makes a copy of the Regex object.

This method is identical to Copy. There is no particular reason to explicitly use DeepCopy instead of Copy but DeepCopy is implicitly called when a Regex object is part of an object tree or forest that is being deep-copied. For more information about deep copyability, see "Copying objects".


%outRegex = regex:DeepCopy

Syntax terms

%outRegexA new Regex object
regex Regex object, which may be Null

See also

Is this a Unicode regular expression (Regex class)

This method indicates whether or not the regular expression used to create the Regex object was specified in Unicode.


%boolean = regex:IsUnicode

Syntax terms

%booleanBoolean value that indicates whether (true) or not (false) the regular expression used to constuct the Regex object was Unicode.
regex The Regex object


The following example:

b %regex is object regex %regex = new("(((Tomorrow|Today) is)|(Yesterday was)) Pie Day", options="i") print %regex:isUnicode %regex = new("((Tomorrow|Today) is)|(Yesterday was) π Day":u, options="i") print %regex:isUnicode end


False True

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