Downloading and applying fixes

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The Model 204 Database V7.x files on the Model 204 maintenance page contain zap fixes for modules that are linked for Model 204 (ONLINE, IFAM1, IFAM4 etc.). You can apply the zap fixes using RockZap.

RSQL and EVCP maintenance is distributed on that page as object replacement. When and if there are any fixes for them, the most recent versions of these object files are displayed as Model 204...RSQL and Model 204...EVCP with the appropriate version number. Descriptions of RSQL and EVCP fixes are present in the Model 204 Database V7.x file, listed with the characters *77Lxx at the start of their comment boxes.

To apply RSQL or EVCP maintenance, you need to relink the Model 204 modules. The installation RKOBJLIB object library contains the LKRELNKJ job stream, which relinks the ONLINE, IFAM1, and IFAM4 load modules.