ECPRIV parameter

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ECF privileges


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line
Related products
Model 204 V5.1


Specifies who can issue privileged ECF statements. All External statements, except External Call, are privileged.

Value Means
0 End-users can issue only External Call statements; no other ECF statements are allowed.
1 Any APSY user can issue privileged ECF statements.
2 Any non-APSY user can issue privileged ECF statements.
4 Run under the job's external-authorizer profile rather than that of the user that invoked an External Call.

In Model 204 version 7.6 and earlier, this bit does not exist, and External Call requests only run under the job's external-authorizer profile. As of Model 204 7.7, the default changes (introducing a backward incompatibility), and External Call requests run under the invoking user's external-authorizer profile, unless this 4 bit is on.

Note: This bit is ignored for the IDCAMS facility, that is, the IDCAMS facility always runs under the invoking user's profile regardless of the ECPRIV setting.

This bit only has an effect if Model 204 is using an external authorizer such as ACF2, RACF, or Top/Secret.

You can select multiple options by summing the values pertaining to each desired option.