ENQTIME parameter

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Record locking retry wait time, milliseconds


Default value
3000 (i.e., 3 seconds)
Parameter type
Where set
Any user
Related products
Model 204 version 7.8 (and available via maintenance in version 7.7 with zap 77Z299)


The ENQTIME parameter specifies the number of milliseconds waited for each automatic record locking retry wait.

ENQTIME can be between 1 and 60000, corresponding to a minimum of 1 millisecond and a maximum of 1 minute. The default value of ENQTIME is 3000 (3 seconds).

Usage notes

  • If record locking conflicts occur frequently in a busy Online, it is recommended that you decrease ENQTIME from its default value, which is 3000 (3 seconds).

    Using that default value, any user with a non-zero value for ENQRETRY will wait at least 3 seconds before the conflict is dealt with. This can degrade overall system performance.

    For example, assume ENQRETRY is 7. If you reset ENQTIME to 100: After a record locking conflict occurs, the thread may retry 7 times with wait intervals of 1/10 second. So within at most 7/10 seconds, the lock becomes available, or the conflict triggers an On unit or cancels the request.

  • The ENQTIME parameter may also be reset with $Resetn.