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EOJ password


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Model 204 V6.1


The EOJPW value is used as a "password" that the system manager must enter to confirm that they are ending the correct run. Note that this is not a security feature, since the value of EOJPW can be readily obtained with VIEW EOJPW.

If the EOJPW parameter (4 bytes maximum) is set in CCAIN, then after the system manager confirms that Online termination is desired, they are prompted for the EOJPW value.

So, if EOJPW is set, and the EOJ command returns:

M204.1076: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO END THE RUN FOR {location | jobname}?

And the system manager responds with Y, the M204.1076 message is followed with:

M204.0347: Password

and the system manager must enter the value of EOJPW.

If EOJPW is not set, no password prompt is issued.

See the EOJ command description for more information about the M204.1706 confirmation message.

Usage notes

An alternative, perhaps preferred, method to confirm that the correct run is being ended is obtained by setting the X'08' and/or X'04' bits of the SIRPRMPT parameter. This does not require "inventing" an EOJPW for each Online, but rather uses the "natural" Online job or LOCATION name.