Echo command

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Displays a message to the user.


echo message

where message is one of these:

  • A unquoted string that contains the message.
  • A Client &&function. The result of the function execution is displayed as the message.

The message string starts with the first non-blank character after the echo keyword, and it continues as far as the end of the line. For example:

echo Have a nice day! 

The message is normally displayed in a standard Windows informational box (entitled Macro message). If the macro console is open, however, the message is sent to the console instead.

Note: If you are specifying a Client mapping command and your message includes an ampersand character (&), you must XML entity encode the character. For example, to map the command echo &foo, you specify it like this:

 <mapping command="echo &amp;foo" button="button13"/>

Client menu:
Introduced: Build 27