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FILEMGMT screens

Like all Dictionary/204 facilities, FILEMGMT provides a series of screens that let you select functions, view stored information, and enter new information. Specifically, FILEMGMT screens:

  • Prompt for information such as file options and parameters. Defaults are provided, so that you need enter only the information that differs from the defaults.
  • Enable you to select a function from the screen or proceed to another screen using one of the following methods:
    • Press a PF key.
    • Enter a command at the prompt (===>) on the screen's command line.

    You can press Enter on any screen; the screen is redisplayed with the changes you specified. To update the dictionary, however, you must use a PF key or enter a command.

  • Enable you to invoke HELP text for the screen. To invoke Help text, press the F1 key or type HELp on the command line.
  • Flag error conditions and display error messages. FILEMGMT identifies errors in your entries by a less than (<) sign in the right margin. Press Enter to view the messages associated with these errors. If you have only one error, the error message is displayed on the screen's message line below the command line.
  • Provide a menu from which you make your selection for a file management function. This menu is referred to in this topic as the primary screen.

Warning messages

FILEMGMT might generate warning messages when you store dictionary data. Warning messages are informational messages. They indicate potential user errors, although the errors usually do not cancel Dictionary/204 processing.

When you see a warning message, you can make corrections or just proceed with either of the following:

  • Supply a missing value or otherwise correct the error before you reissue the command.
  • Press the appropriate PF key again to continue processing despite a potential error.

Widen screen

FILEMGMT provides a Widen screen, which enables you to enter or display names that do not fit on other FILEMGMT screens. The names might belong to:

  • Fields, including sort keys, hash keys, record security keys, and record identifying fields
  • Records or record types
  • Field groups

The names have a maximum length of 70 characters.

Widening the screen

To use the Widen screen from any of the FILEMGMT screens that support the WIDen command:

  1. Position the cursor on the name you want to widen.
  2. Press F5. FILEMGMT displays the Widen screen.
  3. Type additional characters for the entry if you choose.
  4. Press F12 to enter the new name and return to the previous screen.

The record name is displayed in its truncated form on the Record Name List screen. To view the complete record name, request the Widen screen again.

If using the WIDen command to view an entry-protected name or value that you cannot alter, press F3 (QUIt) to return to the previous screen.

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